primal cheat

You want to look leaner, but you’re craving a grease fuelled pizza. Primal Fasting allows you to burn fat whilst eating the food you crave like the famous primal pizza.

primal smoothies

A healthy lifestyle starts with fruit and vege, but now we are often told that sugary fruits will be stored as fat. However, breaking your Primal Fast with a green smoothie ensures that the carbs from the fruit are used to replenish depleted liver glycogen stores instead of being stored as fat. Drinking Primal Mojito’s and Pina Colada’s everyday cant be that bad right!


Have you tried a ‘diet’ or program that has at some point faded from your attention? The best part about the challenge is that you become a member of our thriving tribe. The other tribe members will support you, answer any questions and most importantly hold you accountable throughout the challenge.

pf guide

Are you looking to lose fat and add muscle in the right places, but you don’t want to sacrifice your social life and the foods you love? The comprehensive guide will explain the Primal Fasting lifestyle and teach you how to achieve your primal body transformation.

low carb recipes

You’re trying to stay dedicated to your meal plan, but you’re sick of eating chicken… All the low carb recipes in the two week challenge are mouthwatering and packed full of flavour, showing that you can eat healthy incredible tasting food whilst burning fat.

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