Why do people pile on the pounds at Christmas? Health experts reveal what they eat over the Christmas period, the answers may shock you.

What will not be a shock to you is that according to the British Dietetic Association, on average people in the UK will put on an average of 2.3kg over the Christmas period. The results of this study were based on subjects consuming 500 more calories than usual each day. The abundance of alcohol, chocolate, mince pies and christmas puddings seem to be some of the culprits for the resulting weight gain.

But why should we worry about a few extra pounds at christmas?

You shouldn’t! Christmas is a time to be spent with family, friends and loved ones enjoying food and drink. However if you are planning to lose some weight in January you may want to read on. Lets suppose you would like to lose a bit of fat to achieve your ideal physique, over the christmas period you then put on 2.3kg (mostly fat). Then comes January, you start a fat loss plan such as Primal Fasting and you lose on average 0.5 kilos a week, it would take you up until mid February to be in the same situation as you currently are, despite all of your hard work and dedication.

There is but another path to choose, where you can have equal christmas celebrations with all the food and drink you desire without gaining any fat. Now lets suppose you choose this path, January arrives and you are the same weight as before the festive period. You then decide to try the Free Primal Fasting Challenge and lose as in the previous example 0.5 kilos a week. By mid February you would now be 2.5kg lighter than you are at present and this is a very conservative estimation as the fat loss effects of primal fasting are extremely powerful.

So how do I avoid gaining weight this christmas?

The excess of sweet treats results in people consuming more carbohydrates than they would typically consume. These extra carbohydrates results in excess calories, which are then stored as fat. So to avoid putting on fat this christmas I have asked low carb health experts and bloggers to provide their favourite tasting, festive low carb dishes and drinks that you can make over the christmas period. Prepare to be amazed at the variety of amazing foods that can be made without affecting your waistline. Some dishes are harder to make without carbohydrates and so for these we have some Paleo suggestions to ensure you are eating the most natural of carbohydrates.


Salmon Confit 

Salmon is a Christmas day staple and can make a great starter dish. Using lemon, dill and nutty olive oil, Sonia from The Healthy Foodie plates up this delicious salmon confit, perfect for a starter dish! 

10 Minute Salmon Strawberry Basil Salsa

Or why not try some fruit with your salmon. This fresh and low carb salmon starter with a strawberry and basil twist is a great way to start off your Christmas Day! Go to Living Loving Paleo for the recipe.

Bacon, Egg, Zucchini, and Cheese Muffins 

Kristen from Slender Kitchen uses this delicious combination of bacon, egg, zucchini, and cheese to create a protein packed snack that can be eaten for Christmas Day starters, fuelling your jam-packed day!

Main Dishes

Holiday Spiced Pork Roast

This delicious recipe created by Paleo Leap is a great alternative for those who don’t fancy roast turkey on Christmas Day. It features a delicious cranberry sauce to bring that festive feel to it.

Roast Chicken With Inside Out Stuffing

Irena from Eat Drink Paleo puts a twist on a classic by having a roast chicken with the stuffing on the outside. The stuffing is made with sage, bacon, leek, garlic and nuts and is guaranteed to be a Christmas success. 

Easy Roast Turkey –

You can’t beat a roast turkey on Christmas Day! Libby from Ditch The Carbs creates this delicious recipe with a pork and sage stuffing, and as turkey is naturally low carb, Christmas won’t have to ruin your diet!

Perfect Brussels Sprouts With Garlic & Kabanosi 

Brussel sprouts are a Christmas meal classic! Without them it wouldn’t be a true Christmas dinner. Irena puts a twist on this classic vegetable dish by combining it with garlic and kabanosi – a type of pork sausage. Check out Irena’s full recipe on Eat Drink Paleo.

Pan Fried Brussels Sprouts with Cranberry, Bacon, and Walnuts 

You can never get enough brussel sprouts during the Christmas period! Lisa creates pan fried brussel sprouts with the classic Christmas cranberries to become the perfect vegetable dish to go with your Christmas dinner. Check out the full recipe on Low Carb Yum.


Plum Paleo Cake

Marla creates this traditional Polish paleo dessert. It is not a typical cake as the main ingredient is plums, but it’ll put a great twist to your Christmas pudding! Check out Marla’s full plum pudding recipe on Paleo Porn


Traditional Paleo Christmas Pudding Recipe

Charleh creates the traditional Christmas pudding gluten free recipe to allow your family to eat dessert more healthily! Here is the full recipe on Designed2Eat.

Paleo Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Brownies

Dark chocolate is known for it’s health benefits over milk chocolate, such as less calories, less sugar so you’re diet won’t have to be ruined over the holidays. These brownies also include hazelnuts and coconut oil to give even more added health benefits. Check out Joel’s full recipe on Ultimate Paleo Guide.

Healthy Christmas Trifle Recipe | Gluten Free and Sugar Free

Emma and Carla from The Merry Maker Sisters created this mouth watering trifle, which is made with no sugar, no gluten, no grains, no lactose – no nasty stuff!

Keto Chocolate Souffle

Christmas on a low carb or keto diet doesn’t mean you have to miss out on any chocolate! Vivicia from The Nourished Caveman creates this delicious souffle packed with loads of good fats, protein and fibre!

Keto Grain-Free Rum Balls

Leanne from Healthful Pursuit creates these low carb, paleo desserts with an alcoholic kick meaning you don’t have to miss out of the alcohol this holiday season.

Holiday Cinnamon Coconut Christmas Sorbet with Spiced Pecans

Paleoista’s creator Nell dishes up this delicious coconut sorbet dessert as a healthier option to ice cream to finish off your Christmas meals.

Paleo Peppermint Meringue Christmas Trees

Great Food Lifestyle creates this recipe using egg whites, which are packed with protein, along with the Christmas tree design, it makes it perfect as a low carb Christmas dessert!

Low Carb Christmas Mince Pies

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a mince pie or two, or three, or…. you get the point. These low carb high fat mince pies look delicious! Libby gives us another fantastic recipe from Ditch The Carbs.


Cheesy Cheddar Bites

Alison from Butter Is Not A Carb creates these cheesy cheddar bites snacks to curb your hunger after a long christmas walk. Although maybe not a traditional Christmas snack, they are undoubtedly delicious!

Low Carb Christmas Cookies: Nutmeg Butter Balls

Mayre uses nutmeg to create a old fashion holiday cookie but has adapted this classic recipe to make it a low carb cookie. Check out her full recipe on LowCarbology.

Turkey Balls

Because you can never have enough turkey at Christmas right?! Jayme from Jayme Williams Fitness shows that turkey isn’t just for roasting with these fabulous turkey balls and why not try this recipe for your left overs from christmas day, blend up your left over turkey and follow the steps she details in her recipe.

Coconut Milk Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is a classic, feel good drink all year round but is best served in the winter. Create this paleo hot chocolate using coconut milk and dark chocolate, it’ll be keeping you warm on the cold Christmas days. For the recipe check out Paleo Leap 

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